• Promotes tea consumption by leveraging positive attributes of tea helping the annual dollar growth of tea sales.
  • Has a vibrant, active and growing membership.
  • Is requested to participate in Domestic/International legislative/regulatory forums and assists in establishing Global Standards:
    • Established/Monitors global guidelines for pesticides & foreign elements.
    • Serves as official agent for over 1000 companies in participation of the Bioterrorism Act.
    • Oversees Global Standards including but not limited to Organic, White, Decaffeinated teas and Tisanes.
    • Established/Monitors GMP/HACCP standards for all tea manufacturing facilities.
  • Provides an international database for statistics on Production, Imports/Exports, Marketing and Consumption
  • Participates in and provides input on any media related issues related to tea.
  • Conducts accredited, comprehensive classes in tea education covering every aspect of the product from production to preparation.

The Tea Association oversees a thriving industry that represents products that are synonymous with a healthy life style. By virtue of its strength, knowledge and experience, we continually attract & develop future leaders/innovators in the tea trade. This fact is evident by the continued growth of tea and related products.

We serve our members, our product, our industry with pride & passion.