STI Level 4 Professional Series Classes:

Beyond Traditions:

This one day class will explore various regions and countries of origin that include East Africa, Asia and South America. The class will cover information and the manufacturing processes, as well as the genealogy of tea.


This one day class will give students the opportunity to learn the process of blending by working with various teas to produce unique infusions.

Cupping Defective Teas:

The responsibility of tasting tea to assure its quality. From producer to importer and wholesaler to merchandiser, the ability to discern the evidence of defective manufacturing and handling is an essential tool. This one day classn is an organized, focused examination of the possible causes of defective tea and a must for any person in the industry.

Technology of Tea:

‘Technology of tea’ refers to the body of knowledge and techniques skillfully employed to create one specific end product: a finished tea leaf that will produce a desirable cup of tea. This one day program investigates the components of the leaf on the bush, and then goes on to examine the factors, and the sciences behind the factors, which transform fresh leaf into finished leaf. Beyond the finished leaf lies the final product – a cup of tea.

Train the Trainer:

This one day class is for Level 3 Graduates who are interested in teaching. Students will learn how to instruct the Foundations classes and work in small groups to refine their techniques.